Elle Fanning Covers Fashion Magazine

Elle Fanning takes the cover of Fashion Magazine for it’s Summer issue.

On meeting Ryan Gosling:He once gave me a hug,’It was pretty intense because he’s dreamy. I have a Ryan Gosling colouring book so whenever I want, I can colour Ryan.”

On her love of Marilyn Monroe and the film The Seven Year Itch: “‘I watched it when I was seven — way too young to see it — but I was Marilyn for Halloween that year. There is so much depth to her because of what she went through in her life. You can see that in her performances. It never looks like she’s faking anything.”

On her Maleficent co-star Angelina Jolie: “[Jolie] is the most elegant lady in the entire world. She has such presence and she’s really that powerful. No one else could play Maleficent. I was nervous to meet her at first. She’s like the queen. When I met her during rehearsals and she immediately grabbed me and hugged me and then I was fine.”




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